Global Consortium of Florists Gather in the Motor City


Starting October 11th and running through the 15th, Detroit Flower Week was held at 2900 East Grand Boulevard, in the Jam Handy Building, with the cumulative dinner at the Detroit Public Library. The intention of the artful event was for designers and enthusiasts to learn and connect through lectures, workshops, and conversation. Existing to represent the spirit of the 2015 two-day weekend spectacle entitled Flower House Detroit, which, according to is an event where “cutting edge florists from Michigan and across the country filled the walls and ceilings of an abandoned Detroit house with American-grown fresh flowers and living plants for a weekend.” An event they write garnered an estimated 3,000 visitors.

After that weekend, the exhibition was deconstructed and the all flowers and materials used to create the visuals were repurposed. “The land was then converted into a flower farm and design center for project creator Lisa Waud’s business, Pot & Box, on their formerly neglected properties,” writes

In order to continue the momentum and beauty of last year’s event, Detroit Flower Week has been established to perpetuate the Flower House’s mission.


The event was held at the Jam Handy Building just outside of the New Center neighborhood of Detroit. The building is named after an Olympic swimmer who was hired by General Motors to produce short training films for the armed forces during World War II. Today, the historic building on Grand Boulevard is an event space for a wide-range of occasions, serving as the perfect location for this year’s Flower Week.detroitflowerweek-20161025-023

detroitflowerweek-20161025-048detroitflowerweek-20161025-0062016’s Flower Week featured upwards of 20 floral centric individuals, ranging from small businesses to artists.  One of those small businesses was Alchemy, a natural beauty company that offers plant-based facials, henna body art, small-batch skin care, and artisan perfume.


detroitflowerweek-20161025-046Among the large array of vibrant displays, environmentally conscious flower distributor, Pot & Box, showed their Motor City roots by converting this former food truck into a of beautifully diverse floral display.




Louise Chen, better known as Ouizi, is a Detroit-based muralist who has dedicated her craft to creating large breathtaking murals of differing artistic floral paintings around the city. She was on hand providing a work shop for interested artists on broad strokes, free form, and inspiration.


Designer and owner of floral design studio Passionflower, Susan McLeary was also on hand providing workshops for those interested in floral fashion. Passionflower is based out of Ann Arbor and specializes in floral jewelry, styling, and weddings. Featured in magazines such as Hour, Fusion Flowers Magazine, Modern Wedding Flowers, Style Me Pretty, and The Knot, her designs receive high praise for its originality and sustainability.




detroitflowerweek-20161025-017In addition to the spectacular visuals and insightful workshops, there was no shortage of items for sale. Ranging from floral decorations, and local coffee to delightfully scented candles and fashionable handbags.



In an event that has now become an annual gathering, this year provided no shortage of stimulation to any of the five senses, and was once again successful in bringing the community together through a common interest in growth and beauty.