Known for offering a wide variety of produce, meat, spice, and other products in addition to spanning approximately 43 acres, Detroit’s Eastern Market is the largest historic public market district in the United States. Usually busiest on Saturday’s, it is the Sunday following Mother’s Day that tends to bring one of Eastern Market’s largest crowds each and every year.

This year’s event took place on Sunday, May 21st, kicking off promptly at 7am and running until 5pm.

An Eastern Market tradition dating back to 1967, Flower Day is one of Detroit’s largest spring events of the season.

Thousands of growers and customers alike traveled a great distance from Michigan suburbs, Ontario, and neighboring states/areas to gather in the historic market and buy, sell, and share their tricks of the trade in order to produce the healthiest vegetation in the region.

2017’s seasonable spectacle was not as spring-feeling weather wise as past years as most of the day was overcast with sprinkles of rain here and there, but that did not stop the masses of flora lovers from attending the annual event that offers food and entertainment in addition to an abundance of beautiful floral displays.



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