April 2018

Pieces With A Past

Inside some of the shops pushing Detroit’s vintage and repurposed fashion forward

In the midst of a creative movement in Detroit, clothing is becoming a prominent facet of the city. Many of the younger ... READ MORE

The Quest for Eldorado

Eldorado General Store does not symbolize the quest for unimaginable wealth, but the freedom for one Detroiter to follow her dreams

For four to eight weeks out of the year, Erin Gavle, her boyfriend, Chris Miele, and their dog, Mr. B, set off from thei... READ MORE

Talking History

Introducing history-lovers to Detroit’s chronicled characters, tour-guide Bailey Sisoy Isgro is an equivalently exuberant character

American playwright Arthur Miller once said, “There are no such things as stories, only characters.” In other words, peo... READ MORE

March 2018

Couple Crafted

The couple behind the handcrafted furniture design studio and workshop, Ali Sandifer

On a Sunday evening in Abir Ali and Andre Sandifer’s Boston Edison home, a delicious aroma of chili permeated throughout... READ MORE

Wright House, Right Time

Inside Frank Lloyd Wright’s Palmer Woods masterpiece

A world-class city has world-class architecture, and Detroit is no exception. Masters worked here: Kahn, Saarinen, Yamas... READ MORE

Cocktail Connoisseurs

A cocktail paradise, Corktown's Sugar House helped kickstart the craft cocktail movement in Detroit

“Look into the crystal ball and see your future.” Under dim lighting, the bearded man in front of me cleverly says this... READ MORE

Blue Hues, Southern Foods

Northern soul food delivered in Detroit style downtown

Nestled snugly on the second floor of a brick building at the corner of Times Square in downtown Detroit, SavannahBlue i... READ MORE

“Handufactured” in Detroit

From the farthest reaches of the Pacific Northwest, Corbé ceramics has found a home in North End

Right about the time Ryan and Kaitlyn Lawless were getting married, they were also starting a ceramics business and cons... READ MORE

October 2017

The Grey Ghost

The most notorious rum-running Detroit River pirate lives on in Brush Park

Dressed fedora-to-Oxfords in grey, a 1920s gangster boards his grey speedboat and takes off across the river. He’s on hi... READ MORE

Woodbridge: Victorian Detroit

A stroll through a historic neighborhood and all its creative, diverse, and resourceful neighbors

One stroll through Woodbridge, and it’s impossible not to feel the deep history of this place. Hundred-year-old trees li... READ MORE

A Solid Foundation

A hotel made by, of, and for Detroit

It’s dusk and the lights twinkling over the bar look like fireflies flitting about in a firehouse. What was once the Det... READ MORE

Harvesting Hops

Truly local brews begin on this Southwest sustainable hop farm

Susan McCabe and her friends at Ribbon Farm Hops are embracing a very old practice. In 2013, they set out to bring the ... READ MORE

Force of Nature

Charles McGee continues to find new ways to create and capture the harmony of coming together

Falling in love is the most human thing a human being can do. Staying in love, suspended in that state of wonder, howeve... READ MORE

A Spotlight On The Redford Theatre

A dedicated group of movie lovers are keeping a piece of Detroit’s past vibrant and relevant for all generations

Built in Detroit’s most dynamic architectural period, the impeccable Redford Theatre approaches its 90th birthday in gra... READ MORE

A Place of Worship

Rappers, rock bands, hip-hop artists, and classical pianists are congregating — and recording — in a 146-year-old Corktown church

Churches are symbols of fellowship and mankind’s desire to connect to a higher power and in that regard, so is music. Ju... READ MORE

Wolf Moon Mixers

Inspired by the Hawaiian lifestyle, an all-natural, fresh juice and mixer business has been building in Detroit

What do glass jars, grapefruits, spirits, and manufacturing have in common? Three words: Wolf Moon Mixers.  Born out of... READ MORE

September 2017

Fashion Forward

A fashion-focused incubator to help aspiring clothiers navigate the production and professional facets of fashion in the Motor City

The notion that “clothing shouldn't be quiet” is a cornerstone of Daun Smith's fashion brand Visual Noise Detroit. And, ... READ MORE

Designs Develop Characters

The costume makes the man, or woman, at Michigan Opera Theatre

Have you ever wondered why some films, like The Great Gatsby, Braveheart, or The Grand Budapest Hotel make you fall in l... READ MORE

August 2017

Open Water

There is only one authentic Detroit way to cool down on a hot, summer day — play in the Detroit river. When Alex Howb... READ MORE

July 2017

Palate Pleaser

The Art, Drink, and Food of the Belt

For anyone planning to visit Standby or The Skip, be prepared to spend an extra 15 minutes adoring the artistic splendor... READ MORE


Pillars of the Community

Detroit’s Boston-Edison neighborhood is nothing if not rich in history, once home to icons such as Henry Ford, Joe Louis... READ MORE

Logistically Speaking

Lorron James Navigates Detroit's Future

Logistics is an ancient profession, as old as human civilization. For three million years, we were hunters and gatherers... READ MORE

G.A.R. Building

“G.A.R. Memorial Hall Dedicated, Grand Old Men Now Snugly Housed” announced the Detroit Free Press on January 16, 1901. ... READ MORE

Scott Hocking

Not Your Average Scrapper

The 1,500-square-foot, second-floor walkup on Detroit’s North End that serves as the studio for artist Scott Hocking loo... READ MORE

Gold Cash Gold

"LOANS." A prominent red sign hanging above points me toward my destination, a building with matching cardinal letters —... READ MORE

June 2017

May 2017