Pieces With A Past

Inside some of the shops pushing Detroit’s vintage and repurposed fashion forward

In the midst of a creative movement in Detroit, clothing is becoming a prominent facet of the city. Many of the younger ... READ MORE

Woodbridge: Victorian Detroit

A stroll through a historic neighborhood and all its creative, diverse, and resourceful neighbors

One stroll through Woodbridge, and it’s impossible not to feel the deep history of this place. Hundred-year-old trees li... READ MORE

Harvesting Hops

Truly local brews begin on this Southwest sustainable hop farm

Susan McCabe and her friends at Ribbon Farm Hops are embracing a very old practice. In 2013, they set out to bring the ... READ MORE


Where Community Meets Entrepreneurship

As a 10-year-old, Ned Staebler remembers his desire to save Detroit, and recalls a string of big projects that were tout... READ MORE

New Growth, Old Roots

A 18th Century Urban Tradition Makes a Comeback

  Searching for Boll Weevils With the Sugar Man: Wandering around a small garden, a man named George asked to bor... READ MORE

That Detroit Hustle

Startups Take Crowdfunding Off The Web And Onto The Dance Floor…And Elsewhere

One rainy weeknight in Detroit, approximately 50 people braved the downpour to attend a Detroit SOUP dinner. It’s a popu... READ MORE

Fueling Fragrances

How One Transplant Engineer Found His Passion for Aroma

  When Kevin Peterson moved to Detroit to work as an automotive engineer, it seemed everyone he met told him to ... READ MORE

A Change of Pace

When Motors Aren't Allowed in the Motor City

On a cool early fall afternoon, thousands walked, strolled, jogged, peddled, and cruised their way over the almost-four-... READ MORE

Fresh Cut Fellowship

Global Consortium of Florists Gather in the Motor City

  Starting October 11th and running through the 15th, Detroit Flower Week was held at 2900 East Grand Boulevard,... READ MORE