Sebastian Sullen

A Spotlight On The Redford Theatre

A dedicated group of movie lovers are keeping a piece of Detroit’s past vibrant and relevant for all generations

Built in Detroit’s most dynamic architectural period, the impeccable Redford Theatre approaches its 90th birthday in gra... READ MORE

Sebastian Sullen


It is a passion and snap-shot in time that can never be repeated that fuels the photography works of native Detroiter Sebastian Sullen. He began shooting photography in 1995 while living in Kalamazoo. While living abroad in Sweden from 1999 – 2003, Sebastian’s creativity expanded as an ever-changing kaleidoscope of imagery passed before his lens. Layers of European culture, history and society envisioned through a Detroiter’s eyes take on new meaning. Sebastian traveled around Europe for three years chronicling the diversity of daily lives. While his personal routine invariably included red wine and a new notebook at the onset of each country, his lens captured a vast range of moments – from capturing models to European architecture. He created his own photography studio and darkroom printing his own images. Back in Detroit, he captured Detroit’s neighborhoods and his images contrast the majesty of the city’s historic architecture with its formidable inner city blight. From the ethereal glow of a historical church, to the unworldly ruins of abandoned factories, all became beautiful in his lens. He considers his camera an extension of himself and is rooted in his belief that the power of a single image to capture fear, laughter, and love is why photography is so powerful. Sebastian has been featured in the New York Times and has worked on photography editorial projects such as French Libération , Lille 3000 Renaissance and German Art Das Kunstmagazin.