Sal Rodriguez

Pieces With A Past

Inside some of the shops pushing Detroit’s vintage and repurposed fashion forward

In the midst of a creative movement in Detroit, clothing is becoming a prominent facet of the city. Many of the younger ... READ MORE

Force of Nature

Charles McGee continues to find new ways to create and capture the harmony of coming together

Falling in love is the most human thing a human being can do. Staying in love, suspended in that state of wonder, howeve... READ MORE

In the Key of D

His name may not be as familiar as some of Detroit’s jazz greats – think Thad Jones, Howard McGhee and Marcus Belgrave –... READ MORE

Sal Rodriguez


A Detroit-based photographer with a hat, beard and glasses, deeply rooted in the city's growing art scene. He has a passion for capturing the city he was born and raised in one frame at a time. This is his party....welcome to it!