Hayden Stinebaugh

Couple Crafted

The couple behind the handcrafted furniture design studio and workshop, Ali Sandifer

On a Sunday evening in Abir Ali and Andre Sandifer’s Boston Edison home, a delicious aroma of chili permeated throughout... READ MORE

Cocktail Connoisseurs

A cocktail paradise, Corktown's Sugar House helped kickstart the craft cocktail movement in Detroit

“Look into the crystal ball and see your future.” Under dim lighting, the bearded man in front of me cleverly says this... READ MORE

The Grey Ghost

The most notorious rum-running Detroit River pirate lives on in Brush Park

Dressed fedora-to-Oxfords in grey, a 1920s gangster boards his grey speedboat and takes off across the river. He’s on hi... READ MORE

Woodbridge: Victorian Detroit

A stroll through a historic neighborhood and all its creative, diverse, and resourceful neighbors

One stroll through Woodbridge, and it’s impossible not to feel the deep history of this place. Hundred-year-old trees li... READ MORE

Wolf Moon Mixers

Inspired by the Hawaiian lifestyle, an all-natural, fresh juice and mixer business has been building in Detroit

What do glass jars, grapefruits, spirits, and manufacturing have in common? Three words: Wolf Moon Mixers.  Born out of... READ MORE

Logistically Speaking

Lorron James Navigates Detroit's Future

Logistics is an ancient profession, as old as human civilization. For three million years, we were hunters and gatherers... READ MORE

Gold Cash Gold

"LOANS." A prominent red sign hanging above points me toward my destination, a building with matching cardinal letters —... READ MORE


How Atwater Brewery is under the influence of Detroit

When you enter Atwater Brewery, behind their fabulous tap room on Joseph Campau in downtown Detroit, the scent doesn’t r... READ MORE

Hayden Stinebaugh


Hayden Stinebaugh is a local commercial and editorial photographer who has been making his mark on the city for a few years now. He works for big name clients and brands like Ford, Shinola, Lululemon and others. When not shooting professionally, you can find him shooting for fun around metro Detroit, hanging at Astro Coffee, or traveling — always with a camera in hand.