Evan Gonzalez

Talking History

Introducing history-lovers to Detroit’s chronicled characters, tour-guide Bailey Sisoy Isgro is an equivalently exuberant character

American playwright Arthur Miller once said, “There are no such things as stories, only characters.” In other words, peo... READ MORE

Blue Hues, Southern Foods

Northern soul food delivered in Detroit style downtown

Nestled snugly on the second floor of a brick building at the corner of Times Square in downtown Detroit, SavannahBlue i... READ MORE

A Solid Foundation

A hotel made by, of, and for Detroit

It’s dusk and the lights twinkling over the bar look like fireflies flitting about in a firehouse. What was once the Det... READ MORE

A Place of Worship

Rappers, rock bands, hip-hop artists, and classical pianists are congregating — and recording — in a 146-year-old Corktown church

Churches are symbols of fellowship and mankind’s desire to connect to a higher power and in that regard, so is music. Ju... READ MORE


Where Community Meets Entrepreneurship

As a 10-year-old, Ned Staebler remembers his desire to save Detroit, and recalls a string of big projects that were tout... READ MORE

New Growth, Old Roots

A 18th Century Urban Tradition Makes a Comeback

  Searching for Boll Weevils With the Sugar Man: Wandering around a small garden, a man named George asked to bor... READ MORE

That Detroit Hustle

Startups Take Crowdfunding Off The Web And Onto The Dance Floor…And Elsewhere

One rainy weeknight in Detroit, approximately 50 people braved the downpour to attend a Detroit SOUP dinner. It’s a popu... READ MORE

Two Wheels, One City

A Heads-Up Perspective, Two Decades In The Making

My first bike was a powder blue Huffy for girls. No amount of checkered racing pads or black BMX tires could disguise ... READ MORE

Check Your Normal at the Door

The Queen Presides At This Eccentric Weekend Watering Hole

Stop by the spirited Café d’Mongo’s Speakeasy in downtown Detroit for a drink on any Friday or Saturday night, and you’l... READ MORE

Fowling: A Detroit Original

How An Errant Football Turned Into One Detroiter's Livelihood

  “Born at Speedway, raised in Detroit.” That is how fowling creator and owner of the Fowling Warehouse, Chri... READ MORE

Fresh Cut Fellowship

Global Consortium of Florists Gather in the Motor City

  Starting October 11th and running through the 15th, Detroit Flower Week was held at 2900 East Grand Boulevard,... READ MORE

Evan Gonzalez


Evan Gonzalez grew up in the Metro Detroit area. She graduated from Wayne State and has been working on capturing the beauty in Detroit since.