Erin Gold

The Quest for Eldorado

Eldorado General Store does not symbolize the quest for unimaginable wealth, but the freedom for one Detroiter to follow her dreams

For four to eight weeks out of the year, Erin Gavle, her boyfriend, Chris Miele, and their dog, Mr. B, set off from thei... READ MORE

Wolf Moon Mixers

Inspired by the Hawaiian lifestyle, an all-natural, fresh juice and mixer business has been building in Detroit

What do glass jars, grapefruits, spirits, and manufacturing have in common? Three words: Wolf Moon Mixers.  Born out of... READ MORE

G.A.R. Building

“G.A.R. Memorial Hall Dedicated, Grand Old Men Now Snugly Housed” announced the Detroit Free Press on January 16, 1901. ... READ MORE

Erin Gold


Erin is an independent writer who has lived all over the world helping non and for-profits alike discover and share their stories. She currently calls Detroit, Michigan home.While Erin has worn many different hats over the course of her career, one thinghas remained the same: telling stories that matter.